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Glasstec 2018 - 4 days to go

#PraticaPlus2500 #BotteroCNC #Industry4.0

-4 days to go for #Glasstec2018. CNC by Bottero means of more than 20 years of experience in processing the glass.

At Glasstec2018, you can see our newest features on PraticaPlus Range: new FRONT doors for better accessibility, reduced frontal footprint and extended depth with the possibility of processing glasses up to 2500x1620 mm.

And for improved Maintenance, Bottero AM4.0 app, which uses augmented reality to enhance the maintenance and service.

Come and see us. You are invited! Hall 16 booth A03



Glasstec 2018 - 6 days to go

#111FXPlus #BotteroEdging #Industry4.0

-6 days to go for #Glasstec2018. Today we are please to introduce our innovation on vertical edging: 111FXPlus fully automatic.

A robotic cell, with one or two robots serving a pair of vertical edgers, creates a space saving optimal solution for flat edge and arriss grinding of glass of any dimension.

Bottero is installing these system since more than 10 years, but in 2018 we move to the next level of unmanned systems, with the introduction of #CDX a Servo Corner dubbing system and a #fullyAutomatic package for automatic wear recovery and automatic regulation of the spindles of the edger.

Combined with #Industry4.0MadeEasybyBottero, a stand-alone vertical edger becoems a powerful and compact production system for any factory.

Come and see us. You are invited! Hall 16 booth A03


Glasstec 2018 - 7 days to go

#548LAM #BotteroDualLine #LamiGlass

-7 days to go for #Glasstec2018. Let’s introduce our cutting edge Technology for Laminated glass cutting: #548LAM

The revolutionary laminated glass cutting table is on the market since two years and is unrivalled for cutting quality and productivity.

The patented heating system gives unmatched advantages for the use and maintenance of the machine.

The modular concept allows to configure the equipment: from manual operated table, to a fully automatic table, or integrated in complete cutting system, every request is possible!

The sizes are innovative, too with 3800, 4900 and 6100 mm max cutting width, #548LAM is satisfying the request of the market for bigger glasses.

Come and see us. You are invited! Hall 16 booth A03


Glasstec 2018 - 1 week to go

with one week to go, Bottero invite you to viist all the innovations at our Booths in #Glasstec2018 16/A03 and 13/D03.

Bottero is one of the biggest producer of #IntegratedSystems for flat glass handling and production: laminated lines for mass production and custom size #FlexiLami, overhead cranes and automatic shuttle systems able to handle racks of glass or single sheets from the warehouse to the cutting lines.

Bottero #Integratedsystems is not only cutting, but also grinding and processing lines where double edgers titan, Gemini or Mercury can be connected to Drilling units, to provide a all-in-one solution by #Bottero.

At Bottero you will find a team of product experts in integrated systems, ready to develop the solution whcih fits best with your requirements.

See you at Glasstec2018



Glasstec 2018 - 3 weeks to go

#bottero4.0 #bottero_cut #glasstec2018

With the widest and deepest range of float and lami cutting tables, Bottero is the ideal partner for all the customer looking for a solution to their requirements in terms of cutting.

Float cutting only with #BKM series; additional features such as automatic labelling or low-e edge removal are available on the #BCS series.

And if you need a fully automatic industrial system to enhance your production, try the #evo series, unique in the market with two tools directly on board of the bridge for cut, data identification and low-e edge removal all in one!

40 years after having developed the first automatic lami table in the glass industry, Bottero has introduced #548LAM, the revolutionary table equipped with a patented 300mm IR lamp and fully automatic capability. The table is a modular, configurable platform, which is able to satisfy every need of our customers, with the well-know excellent cutting quality.

Come and see #bottero_cut


Glasstec 2018 3

Glasstec 2018

#BOTTERO at #Glasstec2018.

Less than one month to go and Bottero is proud to invite you to visit our booths at Glasstec2018: Flat Glass technologies on show at 16/A03 and Hollow Glass equipment and solutions at 13/D03.

Innovations, smart-thinking of traditional processes such flat edge grinding, machines connected and data collection are some of the features waiting for your visit.

Follow #bottero4.0 in the following days to know more about us.

See you soon

Glasstec 2018